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Did you know....27 countries are now enjoying the wonderful concept of Teddy Tennis?

The global success of Teddy Tennis is simple. Teddy Tennis is a unique way of teaching, using music, teddy bear pictures and games, to create wonderful lessons for children aged 2½ to 6.

Inspiring your child’s imagination, their program develops athletic skills resulting in coordinated, cool & confident kids.

Be brave, reach out and catch the ball. Walk like a crab. Move to the music.
Those are just some of the lessons taught at Teddy Tennis Oman, where the game is about more than hitting balls with a racket.

Teddy bears sporting tennis pro outfits represent the beginner, intermediate and advanced levels for two different age groups. And along the way, children also get to know each bear's likes and dislikes. Those lessons provide opportunities to teach about nutrition, healthy food choices and physical fitness.

A unique, fun, and totally new way for the under 6s to learn (and love) tennis

All of the lessons incorporate music and lyrics, which the children pick up easily, and learn language skills through the music.

Teaching children a love of the game of tennis, along with sportsmanship and social skills at an early age, is our goal at the Teddy Tennis. For this reason we are offering nurseries a free, no obligation trials.

So make your child happy and confident, contact us and come join us and many others playing Teddy Tennis!
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ATS classes run 7 days a week, at Ras Al Hamra Tennis Club, Dolphin Village, Kempinski Hotel Muscat, Al Maha Private School, The French School of Muscat and Al Zain Nurseries.

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