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Be the best with ATS: Speed
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Speed is the key to success in tennis. You have to be fast. You have to think fast.

From the very first movement, your speed as a player will determine how the shot, the set, and the game goes. The first two steps you take have to exemplify speed, an explosion of velocity that sets you apart from your opponent. Fail to be fast enough then, and you fail to win. And as well as speed in your legs, you have to have it in your hands.

But even before you move, your speed of reaction is going to be your strongest (secret) weapon. You can be the fastest on the court, but if that's just your body and not your brain, you can't make the most of speedy legs or hands. Next, what comes into play is speed endurance, another one of those physical-cum-mental attributes that makes a top tennis player - short sharp fast play will only get you so far, and you have to have the strength to sustain that quickness of thought and action.

You can train yourself to be faster. It's the smaller muscles that are used for those bursts of speed you'll need, and Ace Tennis Coaches will be able to give you the best exercises to increase this specific type of fitness. Be the best with ATS - get in touch to get better.

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