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Welcome to Ace Tennis School, where we’ve offered quality tennis instruction for beginners through advanced players in Muscat since 2009.

ATS strongly believes that tennis is for everyone. We are passionate about sharing our love of the game with all ages, and welcome players of every level, from absolute beginner onwards.


ATS classes

New to tennis or not picked up a racket for a few years? Want to further develop your technique? Ready for playing team matches?

Our philosophy is to teach players of any age or standard, and our lessons are planned so that the right training is given for the age and skill of players.


Music, games and stories engage your kids and get them learning tennis! For kids from 2½ years up to 6 years.


For ages 6 to 9 - our friendly and professional teachers will help your child truly develop their tennis skills.


ATS' dedicated teachers will nurture your child's talent and bring out the best in their game. From ages 9 to 14.


Personalised adult coaching programs with ATS qualified and dedicated teachers.


Cardio tennis is a fun group activity for any one at any playing level looking for a fun way to burn calories and interact with others at the tennis court.


Social tennis is a great way to play against others of a similar standard of playing level, improve your game. It focus of match play and drills.


Fitness is an ability to perform daily activities with vigour. Tennis fitness is an ability to perform the physical demands of the Tennis game for the optimum performance.


Match strategy is understanding styles of game, strength and weakness of players, and knowing how to use these to win. Ace Tennis School can provide expert and experienced training in this specialised area.


Tennis psychology attends to the mental health and wellbeing of the tennis player as well assisting them with reaching their maximum potential in their tennis carrier.

Latest news from ATS

New to Oman: Padel Tennis!


A fantastic new sports experience is about to hit Oman. Our friends over at Padel Oman are introducing Oman's first padel tennis court. If you're not familiar with the game, you're about to be - it's the world's fastest growing sport, amazingly fun and simple, for every age and fitness level - special rackets, courts, and rules are designed to provide unprecedented accessibility. 

Padel Tennis' addictive and universal appeal also comes with a social element; because it's so easy to learn, and fun to play (plus, it's doubles only, for extra friendliness), padel tennis tends to be a game that quickly builds up a community around it. Padel Oman players can connect to the padel app, which in turn connects them with players looking to enjoy padel at courts nearby.

The first Padel Oman court will launch at PDO, and you can find out more by getting in touch on +968 9325 4181 or at They're on Instagram as Enjoy!

Re-opening Guidelines from Ace Tennis School

We're as keen as you are to get back to Unique Sports lessons. And we know you have concerns about how things will work when we do restart. We've been in consultation with our teachers, safety experts, the authorities, and you, our students and parents, to create a set of guidelines for re-opening that aim to keep all of us safe when we return to teaching.
We all know that the situation, and the information available to us, does change frequently; so we will keep our guidelines flexible and dynamic, making the adjustments we need to in order to find the best balance. And we'll be fitting our guidelines and policies around any official advice or regulations we get from the Supreme Committee, Ministry of Sports, and any and all government bodies working to make re-opening COVID-secure. We'll update you on these, and how they will work, as and when we receive them. For now, please do read these through - they are designed to meet your needs and ours, to ensure a safe and happy start to Unique Sports classes.

And as always, if you have any questions or comments, don't hesitate to get in touch!

Be the best with ATS: Speed

Tennis lessons Muscat Oman Ace Tennis School ATS

Speed is the key to success in tennis. You have to be fast. You have to think fast.

From the very first movement, your speed as a player will determine how the shot, the set, and the game goes. The first two steps you take have to exemplify speed, an explosion of velocity that sets you apart from your opponent. Fail to be fast enough then, and you fail to win. And as well as speed in your legs, you have to have it in your hands.

But even before you move, your speed of reaction is going to be your strongest (secret) weapon. You can be the fastest on the court, but if that's just your body and not your brain, you can't make the most of speedy legs or hands. Next, what comes into play is speed endurance, another one of those physical-cum-mental attributes that makes a top tennis player - short sharp fast play will only get you so far, and you have to have the strength to sustain that quickness of thought and action.

You can train yourself to be faster. It's the smaller muscles that are used for those bursts of speed you'll need, and Ace Tennis Coaches will be able to give you the best exercises to increase this specific type of fitness. Be the best with ATS - get in touch to get better.

Happy Teddy Tennis Birthday!

Music, fun, games, tennis - everything you love about Teddy Tennis is now available in Muscat in a birthday party! Choose from one of our curated Teddy Tennis packages, or pick the services your child will love. Every birthday boy or girl booking a Teddy Tennis party gets a free fun-packed lesson with our partners at BritSwim, or a session with us at Teddy Tennis Oman or Ace Tennis School. And no matter which package you pick...the fun is guaranteed. Get in touch for details on +968 9755 4854

Teddy Tennis Oman Muscat fun birthday parties sport

Teddy Tennis Oman Muscat fun birthday parties sport

Teddy Tennis Muscat Oman birthday party kids

Teddy Tennis Muscat Oman kids activities birthday party

Teddy Tennis Oman Muscat fun birthday parties sport

Sport theme birthday party service Muscat Oman Teddy Tennis

Teddy Tennis kids party service Muscat Oman Unique Sports

#AceTennisLessons - precision

Tennis is a precise sport, a science.

Coaching it properly is an art.

Ace Tennis School coaches place a huge emphasis on getting the foundations right, from the very beginning.
Position and movement from head to toe are crucial for a successful game - so we focus on precision, in every session, in every drill, and we make sure our students of every level have the fundamental skills they need to build up their game.

Want to find our more about our tennis programmes across Muscat? Contact Ace Tennis School and book an individual assessment - get yourself started with the right foundations.

#AceTennisLessons - passion

The coaches at Ace Tennis School are dedicated to the game.

Between them, they have qualifications, experience, competitive achievements and trophies galore, but also specialisations and interests that feed into their passion for tennis.

Fitness, physiology, nutrition, match psychology - everything the team does helps to boost and bolster their core love of tennis.
And of course, that adds value to the lessons Ace Tennis School holds to kids and adults around Muscat.

Tennis specialities and devotion to the game itself aside, one passion all Ace Tennis School coaches share is the drive to pass this love of tennis on to the students we coach.

#AceTennisLessons - support

Tennis is an intense sport - you're up there alone, and it takes a lot of mental as well as physical strength to succeed. At the same time, it's a game that kids love, and where the player benefits from starting early.

How do you get children focused and striving to excel in such a scenario? Ace Tennis School coaches make sure they know who they're teaching - kids need to be engaged, and encouraged, if they are going to keep going and using the skills and stamina needed in tennis. Praise and support are key parts of our teaching system - Ace Tennis School students don't just get coaching, they get a supportive and nurturing environment in which they can thrive.

If you live in Muscat and would like to learn or improve your tennis skills, just get in touch and come for an assessment!

The best Summer Camp in Muscat?

Unique Sports Oman Summer Camp

Our vision at Unique Sports is that every child should experience the joys and benefits of sports, and engaging in multiple sports through one programme has infinite benefits to a child’s sporting and personal development.

Our camp was conducted in a safe environment, Ras Al HarmaRecreation Centre (at PDO), and helped kids learning about themselves and developing their self-esteem, finding out their hidden talents and abilities, while having fun, meeting different people, and making new friends.

During the Camp, kids from different ages and nationalities were immersed in a variety of sports, including mini tennis, swimming, junior triathlon, water polo, gymnastics, yoga, as well as activities such as colouring and crafts.
Kids Summer Camp in Muscat

Best Summer camp in Oman

Summer Camp for children in Oman

Best kids Summer Camp in Muscat

Oman Summer Camp

Summer Camp for children in Oman

We love nothing more than watching our students evolve and gravitate towards the sports that excite and stimulate them.

A great summer holiday for the kids: they grow up while having fun!We all loved hosting our happy campers at Unique Sports Summer Camp.

And, of course, a BIG thank you to all involved such RAHRC and its staff, and all teachers and staff at BritSwim, Teddy Tennis Oman and Ace Tennis School.

Thank you all and see you next summer!

Sports & Fun Packed Summer

Kids Summer Camp in Muscat

This summer Unique Sports is offering a camp for all kids, focusing on sports, games and creative play, and it is designed to elevate your child’s love for a specific sport while giving them the tools to progress their skills.

Our goal is to help young people get close to sports and be healthier, gain confidence in trying new sport activities, and working together while having fun.
We'll offer three activities each day:

  • A pool session, where we'll feature a rotation of lessons in swimming, synchronised swimming, and aqua yoga, as well as superfun games and competitions.
  • A tennis session (indoors) with Teddy Tennis for younger kids and mini tennis for the older ones, including team games and challenges.
  • A third (indoor) activity that will vary, to include volleyball, team games, yoga, and lots of fun!
The age range is 4 to 12, and kids will be put into groups according to age.

We ask that parents provide the kids with a snack (we provide water) that is labeled with your child's name, and does not contain peanuts or chocolate please!

All places must be booked in advance and space is limited. We start on August 4th! Join us on weekdays at PDO Ras Al Hamra Recreation Club. Contact us for more info at 94756911, or fill in the form below to book your place.

Welcome to the Summer Camp where we'll enjoy every minute of this summer!

Get in touch!

ATS classes run 7 days a week, at Ras Al Hamra Tennis Club, Dolphin Village, Kempinski Hotel Muscat, Al Maha Private School, The French School of Muscat and Al Zain Nurseries.

For more info and details please contact us through the form below or whatsapp.

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